“Little Canada is an amazing attraction for learning a lot about Canada in a short period of time. No need to travel around the country,” says influencer, Dark Joseph Ravine

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Positive motivator and influencer, Dark Joseph Ravine, visited Little Canada, located on 10 Dundas Street, for the very first time in early July 2022. Ravine complimented the Little Canada staff for being very warm and welcoming and creating a positive experience for attendees. Ravine enjoyed the city structures in Ontario and Quebec most. While Little Canada is still under construction with more provinces promised to be added, Ravine notes that the attraction has something for everyone regardless of age.

Little Canada is a unique tourist attraction for visitors who would like to learn about the country or for people who would like to move to Canada, Ravine notes. He says, “On my visit to Little Canada, I saw the Niagara region first. There were special effects; the city lit up at night. There were miniature representations of Clifton Hill, the Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and much more. The Niagara region has always been one of my favorite travel destinations. I can honestly say that it almost felt as if I was in Niagara Falls on vacation once again. I enjoyed watching the Falls and the city animate at all times of the day. What’s noticeable about the Niagara-on-the-Lake section is its truthful and historical representation; it looks like times of old. Another remarkable feature is the farmland within the Niagara region.” Ravine’s experience in the Niagara section was valuable and for those who may not have the time or money to travel, visiting the Niagara section of Little Canada can provide insight into what Niagara Falls is all about.

After visiting Little Niagara Falls, Ravine went to visit Little Toronto on the lower level of Little Canada. He notes, “As a proud Torontonian, born and raised, it sure was a great experience seeing downtown Toronto, complete with the highways, streets, buildings, Scotiabank Arena, and Rogers Centre. I believe Toronto would be a great place to live as most of the action happens here, such as TV shows, sports and major events. No other part of Canada hosts the same events as Toronto. In my humble opinion, downtown Toronto is like the Canadian version of Los Angeles. There are great places to visit, good restaurants to eat at, and fun entertainment places to frequent, like Little Canada, The Rec Room, Harbourfront, and more. There is something for everyone.” Ravine’s experience in Toronto is a positive one and he believes Toronto is one of the greatest places to visit because of all the different venues and activities offered to both residents and tourists. There is never a boring day in Toronto, according to Ravine. Some people may perceive Toronto to be boring, but Ravine assures us that this is not the case.

After visiting the Toronto section of Little Canada, Ravine explored the Ottawa section. He enjoyed seeing the miniature city and notes, “I have only been to Ottawa once in my life, so I do not know much about it, but seeing the beauty of Parliament Hill on Canada Day made me appreciate the amount of hard work that was put into designing the city. It sure was a great experience.” Although Ravine’s knowledge of Ottawa is limited, visiting this section gave him a broader understanding of the city.

As Ravine’s tour was ending, he headed to the Quebec section and was very surprised to see certain sights that fascinated him. He said, “Years ago, I thought Quebec was a place only for hiking and climbing mountains and doing winter sports, but after seeing the city at Little Canada, I have a completely different opinion. I see that there are plenty of places to go shopping and other buildings to visit. This is the reason I encourage others to experience a place firsthand before forming an opinion.” Ravine enjoyed Little Quebec and everything it had to offer.

At the end of his visit, Ravine stopped by the cafeteria called Little Bites, and toured the souvenir shop, Little Things. He notes, “I had a great experience at Little Canada, and I strongly urge others to come visit and learn more about Canada. New visitors to Canada, tourists, and even elementary school students, would love the Little Canada experience. You can also save money by seeing Canada in miniature without having to invest in traveling and touring for many days. Little Canada is expanding with more cities in the West Coast, which have yet to be built. I can say for sure, that I will be back again.” Ravine reflected about his informative experience at Little Canada.

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