Watch Out! It's Nolan! (A Courageous Tale About a Boy Who Overcame His Bullies by Being Fearless and Standing up for Himself).

Watch out! It's Nolan! is a five-time category and special award winner from the Outstanding Creator Awards.




Bullying is NEVER okay.

But what if you had a magic whiz to help you deal with those who treat you badly?

Unpopular Nolan has his wishes come true when he happens upon a benevolent but bumbling accident-prone whiz. However, not all is as it seems...

Nolan, his mother, his schoolyard bully Edy, and his teachers are all suddenly swept into magical hijinks - so much so, that Nolan finds that he might have to fix the problem himself. Put in the position where he needs to decide if he will learn a valuable lesson or if he will become the hero he needs to be, Nolan learns that the best way to confront his problems is by standing up to them and expressing how he really feels.

This book is packed with moral lessons and symbolic storytelling that will teach your child:

  • The importance of standing up for yourself
  • The importance of opening up about your feelings, no matter how negative they may be
  • How making decisions, whether big or small, can improve our lives
  • The pitfalls of comprising and putting up with bad behavior
  • How a bad attitude can transform with the right intention and proactiveness
  • How kindness can change the world


A fun children's story for ages 5 to 9 that raises awareness about bullying while encouraging self-esteem, mental strength, toughness, confidence, and fearlessness!