Do People’s Opinions Really Matter?

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Sometimes we get influenced by what others say or think about us. We fear that the way others think might impact our future and that their opinions could make us look bad. Many people want to look good and prioritize high social status at all costs. This may cause them to avoid being friends with people who are different from them. People are conscious of how they look in public and do not want to look bad. Dark Joseph Ravine, CEO and founder of Kindness for Success, talks about why people’s opinions really do not matter and that caring too much about what others think does more harm than good.

Ravine specifically states, “When I was young, I used to care way too much about what people thought about me and tried to please others. I just kept getting teased and laughed at. Today, I let people laugh and tease all they want because it’s their problem. Some people are very specific about who they are friends with, and you can never be friends with people who do not want to befriend you no matter how hard you try. I learned over time that true friends will like you for who you are. Running after success, friends, or money is pointless. You have to let these things chase you.” Ravine believes in letting life happen organically by not attempting to push limits otherwise it is likely to be self-defeating.

People may often believe their behavior can influence people to like them more. However, Ravine explains that pleasing others can only get you so far. He says, “Of course, one should maintain appropriate boundaries with one’s behavior. But when it comes to what people think about you, that is something that cannot be controlled. When you are being yourself, doing your own thing, and not hurting anyone or breaking the law, the opinions of others should not matter because it is what they believe. Surely, the opinions of one person should not mean anything. Trying to make someone accept you is not right. A person naturally has to decide to like you. In conclusion, the most important lesson to learn is that regardless of what you do for someone, you can never make someone interested in you or like you. You should be yourself and see who gravitates to you because those are the people who have genuine interest in you. This is all from my life experience.” Ravine does not allow anyone to impact him and trusts more in the process of nature than in the use of force to make things happen.

Ravine has learned that people’s opinions do not really matter and cannot affect him unless he lets it. Also, success and social acceptance cannot be bought no matter how hard one tries to acquire them. All this needs to happen naturally without exerting too much effort.

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