Kindness for Success Unisex Color Blast T-Shirt

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Tie-dye is coming back in a huge way, and it’s best to stand out in style! Our Kindness for Success color-blast t-shirts replicate the magic of traditional tie-dye. Take yourself back to memories of your childhood DIYing the perfect color combinations on a hot summer day. These styles are good to wear all year long, with layers or by itself. It comes in several different color options to best accommodate your personal tastes. The Kindness for Success logo is displayed on the front of the tshirt. Make a statement everywhere you go, showing people that kindness leads to success. You can become a real trailblazer by wearing these t-shirts, showcasing your core values with you as you interact with the world, becoming the leader you want to see in others. It is made of 100% cotton and is garment-dyed. #tshirt #casualstyle