Kindness for Success Scrunchie

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If you’re running out of ideas to style your hair, try a Kindness for Success scrunchie. These soft, stretchy scrunchies will keep your hair healthy and put together. It is made from 100% jersey-knit fabric for added softness. Scrunchies are better for your hair than elastic bands because they do not pull or break it nearly as much. It comes in one size, 4 x 4”, which is standard for most scrunchies. Though scrunchies never go out of style, this one allows you to speak your truth. The Kindness for Success logo is always a statement piece, adding depth to your wardrobe, even in your hair styles. You can tie your hair up in a simple bun or ponytail, or you can get creative with the scrunchie’s limitless possibilities. #hairstyles #hairaccessories