Kindness for Success Pet Food Mat

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You love your pet unconditionally, but they can sure get messy! Minimize messes with the Kindness for Success pet food mat. Now, your beloved fur babies can chow down all they want, without leaving any unruly messes or stains on your floor. It features a non-slip rubber base, emphasizing its functionality by preventing any food from getting where it isn’t supposed to be. The pet food mat features our logo on one side only, right in the middle, proudly displaying our profound mantra in your home. Add a bit of style to your space using the Kindness for Success pet mat. It would look great with any of our other pet accessories, or simply by itself wherever your pets enjoy their favorite meals every day. It is made from 100% polyester with a 100% neoprene rubber back. #petfoodmat #petaccesories