Kindness for Success Oval Necklace

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The Kindness for Success necklace is a bold fashion statement. You can make it your new everyday necklace, carrying our mantra with you wherever you go. It is made from durable brass materials, in a dazzling finish. The oval shape is bold–you’re going to be seen any time you wear this necklace. However, its black-and-white colorway makes it versatile. You’ll never run out of outfit options when you wear the Kindness for Success necklace. The pendant itself is made from zinc alloy, along with the chain. The print surface is white aluminum, and each of the materials is expertly crafted, and rust-resistant for long-lasting jewelry. You will be able to wear this necklace for years to come, and you may even want to pass it on to future generations who share your values. #jewelry #accessories