Kindness for Success Laundry Bag

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Every moment of your day matters, even doing mundane chores like laundry. You may not think much of it–everyone has to wash their clothes every week. However, even this routine activity can be a part of your pathway to success. The Kindness for Success laundry bag will motivate you every time you need a quick refresh. This bag is super easy to carry, complete with a drawstring and woven shoulder strap. It is made from 100% spun polyester, creating a durable canvas to withstand heavy loads. Two sizes customize your experience: 18"×29"  or  28"×36". Even if life gets the best of you and laundry piles up, the Kindness for Success laundry bag will help you reset your week. Plus, it looks great displayed in any room. #laundry #homedecor