Kindness for Success Kimono Robe

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Take your favorite mantra with you when it’s time to relax with the Kindness for Success kimono robe. It is super soft and comfortable for at-home use, or if you’re planning a nice spa day. Everyone deserves to unwind after a long day, and accessories like a kimono robe help set the tone for a relaxation session. The shape of the robe is very flattering for a number of different body types and personal styles. It features the Kindness for Success logo on a repeated pattern, and it comes in two different colorways. The robe is around mid-length with bell-shaped sleeves, creating an elegant look regardless of how you style it. It is belted at the waist, and you can choose between black or white belt styles. This kimono is made from 100% polyester, giving off a silky smooth finish. #robe #kimono


Length, cm 90.00 91.50 95.00 97.00 99.50 102.00
Width, cm 93.00 101.00 107.00 115.00 122.00 129.00
Sleeve length, cm 42.00 43.00 44.00 45.00 46.00 47.00