Kindness for Success Fanny Pack

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  One size
Width, in 14.50
Height, in 6.00
Strap width, in 0.98
Min circumference, in 39.37
Max circumference, in 53.54

Fanny packs, otherwise known as “belt bags” have made a major comeback. Everyone is hopping on the fanny pack trend, and for good reasons! These bags are super convenient for daily use. This one offers one main pocket, a back zipper, an inside zipper pocket, and three card holders. Gone are the days where you would need to sift through a Marry Poppins bag to get what you need. Instead, all of your belongings like your keys and credit cards are able to hang out in one easily accessible spot. Plus, the Kindness for Success design is stylish and simple. You never need to worry about any of our designs clashing with your outfits because they are timeless, never interfering with colors or patterns. You can wear the bag around your waist or over the shoulder. It is made of 100% polyester. #fannypack #beltbag