Kindness for Success Clipboard

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Stay organized and inspirational at the office with a Kindness for Success clipboard. Your office supplies don’t have to be dull or boring. Instead, opt to choose items that make you feel more comfortable, and therefore, more confident in your work. This clipboard is a simple staple piece that can rest on nearly any surface. It’s USA-made with a fiberboard base, ensuring durability if your job requires some movement. Fear not if you’re surveying large sites; the clipboard is meant to be taken with you in tough terrain, or sitting pretty on your desk. Its measurements are 22.86 cm × 31.75 cm or 9in x 12.5in. All of your documents are important, and this clipboard will help you keep them all in one, convenient and safe place. The logo is only printed on one side. #officedecor #officesupplies