Kindness for Success Basketball Shorts

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You’ve always been a real team player! Your commitment to integrity and sportsmanship shines through in everything that you do, so you might as well wear your beliefs with pride, too. These Kindness for Success shorts tell everyone how you feel. They come in a simple black-and-white colorway, fitting most styles and tastes effortlessly. Our classic, iconic logo sits on either side of the shorts, making sure your statement is seen wherever you go. The basketball shorts would be perfect for the gym or any kind of athletic activity. You don’t have to be a basketball player to sport these stylish shorts. In fact, you can even wear these casually, adding them to your street style wardrobe for everyday use. These are made from comfortable 100% polyester and an adjustable drawstring and waistband give you room to move freely. #basketballshorts #sportswear