Kindness for Success Baby Contrast Trim Jersey Bib

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Help teach your child important manners from day one with a stylish Kindness for Success bib. Meal time gets messy, but a nice, stylish bib can keep the mess at bay. Every baby needs a bib to teach them polite table manners. Made of 100% cotton, this super-soft, plush bib has a Velcro® back cover for minimal fuss. Your baby enjoys mealtime without creating more messes for you to clean up after. Kindness for Success isn’t just a mantra, but a lifestyle. Give your baby the gift of important core values from day one. This is a gift they will never forget, and one they will always cherish! The bib’s measurements are 8” x 9”. As your baby grows, the adjustable straps will accommodate their size. #bib #kindnessforsuccess