Dark Joseph Ravine’s Memorable and Enjoyable Experience on The Nikki Clarke Show

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Dark Joseph Ravine on The Nikki Clarke Show

On June 6th, Dark Joseph Ravine appeared on The Nikki Clarke Show in the GoliveTV Studio located in North York, Ontario. It was his first TV talk show interview introducing his new children’s book, Watch Out! It’s Nolan, and sharing words of positive motivation. Ravine invited his publicist, Tracy Lamourie, founder of Lamourie Media, who was in the audience.

Flipping through his book, Nikki Clarke proceeded to ask him questions about why he had written the children’s book as they both reflected on their childhood.

Nikki Clarke Holding Dark Joseph Ravine's Book

Clarke asked Ravine to, “tell us about your background leading up to what you’re doing today.”

Ravine answered, “I grew up bullied as a child by kids, teachers, therapists and rose above that negativity and became a very happy person after I realized my self-worth and I have inspired others to feel the same way.”

Ravine explained that although he went through hard times as a child, he would not want any other child to experience the same things he did. He is working towards being a role model for future generations so that children can grow up to be happy as adults and pass along good lessons to the next generation.

Ravine signed, “your self-worth is more important than you think” on Clarke’s copy of the book.

And Clarke noted, “That was a message I needed to hear,” revealing that she, too, had experienced some unpleasant times as a child.

She then asked, “What motivated you to write Watch Out! It’s Nolan?”

Ravine replied, “I want to teach our future generation and adults as well, not only about how powerful karma can be, but also to treat people the way you want to be treated, and not to be afraid to stand up to bullying, but also to understand background stories of people and why something came to be the way it is. What made someone a bully in the first place and is there anything we can do to reverse that? Understanding background stories is one of the main reasons why there is struggle in schools and around the world and that is why I believe that if people really understood background stories, it could make the biggest difference.”

Ravine explained that in the book, Nolan is helped. But it is only when he stands up for himself and reveals his story that it made a huge difference in his life. Ravine believes that when one knows one’s self-worth, it can change lives for the better.

Clarke then asked, “Who inspires you?”

Ravine responded, “Kim Kardashian because she has taught me to put God first, family second, everything else third, and to let life take you by naturally and to never force anything.” Ravine is a firm believer that we should never chase things and let everything come to us naturally.

Dark Joseph Ravine and Nikki Clarke

Clarke also asked Ravine if he would be interested in doing another Guinness World Record. As the holder of the longest line of arcade tickets, Ravine told her that he was now focused on other goals, particularly promoting positivity and his brand, Kindness for Success.

Watch Interview Below:

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Dark Joseph Ravine’s memorable and enjoyable experience on the Nikki Clarke Show. It’s always inspiring to hear about individuals who have had the opportunity to share their stories and talents on a prominent platform. Dark Joseph Ravine’s presence on the show must have been truly remarkable, leaving a lasting impact on both the audience and the host. Such experiences not only provide a platform for personal growth and self-expression but also contribute to a broader cultural dialogue. Kudos to Dark Joseph Ravine for seizing this incredible opportunity and leaving a positive impression on the viewers of the Nikki Clarke Show.

    Paul Gabor on
  • Im so happy that he enjoyed the show!!!! I really like his personallity.

    david on
  • Wow
    Thats good

    asoneah Ebenezer on
  • the person who has went through hard times, such as ravine knows very well what self-worth is. we all should read the book and realize our self-worth as it is the only thing that helps in difficult times

    Nibras on
  • Wow this article is very inspiring

    Alex on

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